Cookie policy

Our cookie policy hereafter referred to as the 'Cookie Policy' details how we collect information from our clients and visitors to our 'Website' when they access the contents and services on our website - More information about the data collection and usages are provided under the Privacy Policy section of our Website. It's important that you agree to the terms of this Cookie Policy to maximize user experience, else, do not use our website and its resources.

What is a cookie?

For websites to stay dynamic, they need to collect important information from users to improve performance and experience while navigating through the website's resources. This task is accomplished using a cookie, which is a small file that is stored on a device through its browser and helps the website to recognize the user/visitor each time they visit the website. This information once collected are personalized for each user.

For more information about cookes visit this site.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies are important to us, as they help us to serve you better in two very unique ways:

  1. By logging your sessions and keeping them active.
  2. And helping to generate a baseline data on how your experiences with the website can be improved.

What types of cookies do we use

We use three types of cookies which are described herein this section.

Essential - these types help us to provide you with the necessary services you request for, especially when you need to stay logged in as an account holder on our website and when you need to make comments to post feeds. However, these particular function can be disabled when telling your browser to block these cookies. If you do choose to block them, we are handicapped to save your preferences.

Functionality - these types are used to recognize the user each time they revisit our website and keeps track of all their preferred settings and personalized features so they can have a custom feel while navigating through the contents of our website.

Analytical (Google Analytics cookies) - these are basically third party analytical cookies that are provided by Google. They track and report our Website traffic and give us a statistical approach on how well the website is doing. The information collected by these set of cookies infer on visitors' traffic and engagement with the different contents and resources of the site, their navigation paths all in the bid to enable us to create a more dynamic and streamlined user experience for our contents. These cookies collect information without any linkage with the user themselves, that is, no personally identifiable information is included in the data collected nor stored. We are able to access these data log types collected by these cookies alongside Google, for further assessment. Other information about Google Analytics Cookie Usage is available here.

Control of cookies

You are not powerless over these cookies and the files they create with respect to your browsing preferences. You can instruct your browser to reject cookies for all sites or have a reservation for a specific website. While we do not recommend that you reject cookies, as they have a huge influence on your browsing experience, it is your prerogative to do as you deem fit. This influence includes and not limited to your ability to access certain services and hamper on the overall performance as it relates to you since they are no longer custom. More so, time-saving techniques like logging into our websites through saved login information become impossible once the cookie features are restricted. There are workarounds that could be useful if you do not want to opt out of cookies completely. Help pages detailing how to go about this manoeuvres are provided by Browser manufacturers. The following information can be helpful:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Safari (Desktop)
Safari (Mobile)
Android Browser
Opera Mobile

If your specific internet browser type is not among those mentioned above, please consult with the documentation accompanying the product. Third party cookies from Google Analytics are optional and you could opt-out at your own convenience. Moreover, interest-based targeting conducted by participating ad servers alongside the Digital Advertising Alliance ( can be discontinued. More so, your internet enabled devices such as your Smartphones and tablets to have settings where you can choose preferences related to seeing online interest-based ads.

Changes to this Cookie Policy

We have the rights to make adjustments to this Cookie Policy unilaterally and without your prior notice should we see the need to do so. However, whatever changes and updates that are to be included would be made available on our website. If at any point in time you disagree with the changes to our Cookie Policy, you are advised to stop using our website, it's content or resources and any other related product of our business. Should you decide to continue in your patronage - to include accessing our Website or our Services implies that you agree to all such changes made.

This version of the Cookie Policy was effected on 25.05.2018, and historic versions are available on demand.


For further information regarding the Cookie Policy, please contact us at [email protected]