FeatherCoin Halving Event on 07-05-2021

A specific FTC coin event Halving will occur in 129 days, specifically on 05 July 2021.

This 'Halving' category associated event will likely move FeatherCoin value lower, as in general, this class of occurrences is negatively determining the worth of cryptocurrency.

As there are no additional events happening near this one, it can be announced that only Halving will impact the FTC purchase cost.

This forecast is calculated on the 20 same Halving category Event global analysis. Prior to this Halving Event the FeatherCoin price trend will be lowering and on the 07-05-2021 the price is forecasted to be -4.5%, against to the current market cost, driving towards $0.006391. After the event, the cost trend will be lowering.