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Price-based Forecast Algorithm

The latest dollar amount of GRAV is $0.5481. At this instance the Graviton price prediction algorithm is proposing that within 24 hours GRAV price will be -8.8% approaching $0.499867, in 7 days -8.4% approaching $0.50206, in one month +39.4% making its way to $0.764051 and in 3 months +13.6% targeting $0.622642. The Long-term forecast is indicating that Graviton will be rising in cost.

While composing the GRAV price prognosis our script has noted that through the last 180 days the peak cost of the coin was $0.6688, and the bottom was $0.1748.

New coins are being minted with the PoW/PoS mining type based on the SHA-256 algorithm.

What may occur if you decide to buy $1000 in GRAV now? The Graviton prediction script estimates that in 24 hours the worth of your investment may be $912, in 7 days it may be $916, in one month it may be $1394 and in 3 months it may be $1136.