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Price-based Forecast Algorithm

The latest dollar price of RRT is $0.03107. At this moment the Recovery Right Tokens price prediction algorithm is proposing that in 24 hours RRT price will be -7.2% on the move to $0.028833, in 7 days -13.5% making its way to $0.026876, in one month +89.6% on the move to $0.058909 and in 3 months -4.6% targeting $0.029641. The Long-term forecast is displaying that Recovery Right Tokens will be lessening in cost.

While computing the RRT price prognosis our tool has noted that through the last 180 days the max dollar value of the coin was $0.0653, and the lowest value was $0.0179.

What may happen if you decide to acquire $1000 in RRT now? The Recovery Right Tokens prediction program guesstimates that within one day the price of your investment may be $928, in 7 days it may be $865, in one month it may be $1896 and in 3 months it may be $954.