Wanchain Release Event on 12-31-2019

A special WAN coin event Wanchain 4.0 Release will come to pass in 49 days, happening on 31 December 2019.

This 'Release' category related event will likely force Wanchain value per coin upwards, as in general, this grouping of occurrences is positively influencing the dollar value of cryptocurrency.

As there are other occurrences neighboring this one, it cannot be found that only Wanchain 4.0 Release will form the WAN price, as other occurrences can also create an influence.

This prediction is calculated on the 2195 same Release category Event world wide review. Prior to this Release Event the Wanchain price trend will be trending upward and on the 12-31-2019 the market cost is likely to be +22.4%, against to the current cost, driving towards $0.28103. After the event, the market price trend will be trending upward.